Create or update pause statuses in SLA Configuration by REST API

Issue #308 resolved
Jean-Baptiste Renaudin created an issue

I would like to set pause statuses in API

  • create SLA configuration

  • update SLA configuration

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  1. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello Renaudin,

    We also added this functionality to TTS. It will be published with next release. Our documentation will be updated with this release, so you can look at its usage from there.

    You asked when will it be published at another issue, it will be published within a week, we cannot give you an approximate time.

    Regards, Alparslan

  2. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello Renaudin,

    This functionality is added to TTS with the latest releases.

    Please pick the one appropriate to your JIRA:

    -TTS 5.25.0 for JIRA 6.x

    -TTS 6.20.0 for JIRA 7.x

    Regards, Alparslan

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