[REST API] Search SLA configuration by criterias

Issue #309 resolved
Jean-Baptiste Renaudin created an issue

Search SLA Configuration by criterias :

  • priorityId with "equals" operator
  • slaValueAsTimeString with "equals" operator
  • jqlString with "contains" operator
  • priorityId with "equals" operator

And return content like "GET /rest/tts-api/1.0/sla/allSlas.json"

Example :

  • GET /tts-api/latest/sla?priorityId=2&slaValueAsTimeString=2m
  • GET /tts-api/latest/sla?jqlString=rocky // Get all having JQL containing "rocky" word
  • GET /tts-api/latest/sla // Get all

Comments (8)

  1. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello Renaudin,

    The search operation for REST is added to TTS with the latest releases.

    Please pick the one appropriate to your JIRA:

    -TTS 5.25.0 for JIRA 6.x

    -TTS 6.20.0 for JIRA 7.x

    Regards, Alparslan

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