Time to SLA Color not consistent

Issue #320 resolved
Maik Winter
created an issue

I have create a SLA with the SLA value 4h (tss_sla_def.png) and configured the Time to SLA color 20% (tts_sla_cf_conf.png).

In the issue the color are displayed correct (issue_view.png), but not in the list view (issue_list_view.png)

TTS 6.21.0

Regards, Maik

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  1. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello Maik,

    After some investigation we reached some conclusion. First of all, Time to SLA color only effects countdown. So if you set it to 20% it will be green for the first 20% part, after it reaches 20% countdown color will be orange. Secondly, we saw the issue status color inconsistency and we are changing it to show same color in the list view too.

    Best, Alparslan

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