Problem with tts.issuesWithRemainingTimeLessThan JQL Function

Issue #337 resolved
Former user created an issue

tts.issuesWithRemainingTimeLessThan JQL Function does not work as expected.

When usin this JQL Function with one SLAId, we get the expected results. When we try to use the Function with more than one SLAId or with no SLAid, pretending to obtain all issues metting condition, we don´t get the result.

See attached file.

Perhaps there is time-out param or something like this, and that's the reason why we don't get the result.

Our exact version of TTS is Versión: 6.21.0

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  1. Kubilay Karpat


    How many issues do you have in your JIRA instance? And how many issues does tts.issuesWithRemainingTimeLessThan return with one SLA id approximately? And also it would be helpful if you can share your JIRA logs with us, preferably taken right after using tts.issuesWithRemainingTimeLessThan with more than one SLA ID.

    Best, Kubilay

  2. Kubilay Karpat


    We fixed a bug in JQL functions which is directly affects tts.issuesWithRemainingTimeLessThan functions, please update latest TTS release. I am closing this issue as resolved please fell free to reopen if your problem continues to happen.

    Best, Kubilay

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