Issue #343 resolved
Davor Fisher created an issue


We are using a JQL function tts.issuesHaveSomeExceededSlas(17)

but are seeing an issue that has not exceeded TOTAL SLA (issue id 17)

Please see screenshot attached: One of the issues clearly shows that it has not exceeded total SLA but all the rest below have exceeded.

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  1. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Davor,

    Could you please share the TOTAL SLA configuration and the screenshot of history tab of related issue (first one in your screen shot) so we could try to regenerate your case.

    Best, Kubilay

  2. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Davor,

    Did you try to regenerate SLAs? If this does not help could you please run the following SQL query for this issue in your DB and share results with us?

    SELECT * FROM "AO_C5D949_TTS_ISSUE_SLA" WHERE "ISSUE_KEY" = '<your_issue_key>'

    Best, Kubilay

  3. Davor Fisher reporter


    I rregenerated SLAs and they were still showing up on filter result. A few new issues came up in the last day. I have attached results with one of the issues that is showing on the filter but has not exceeded Total SLA.

  4. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Davor,

    Your DB data shows that issues last status was 11484 (Vendor Push to Live) but in screenshots it is Done. Could you please share those screenshots again so we can recent with proper time stamps (sadly, time stamps like '4 hour ago' are not helpful).

    In fact it could be much better if you can share an issue (its history tab and same SQL query results) with same problem but a less populated issue history so we could reproduce the problem faster.

    Best, Kubilay

  5. Davor Fisher reporter


    I think we might be looking at two different issues w. two different screenshot. The original issue when i opened the bug was in Reopen status when the filter ran; it's the first attached screenshot dated 02/09/17; the screenshot below that is from another issue that was in the different status.

    It's not doing it for all issues and it's just random issues that would appear on the JQL; not sure if it's because an issue was closed then reopened and that is why it's causing the issue with the JQL/plugin.

    Let me take a look if i can find a new issue that is relatively new that is causing the issue, but judging based on what i am seeing majority of the issues which are experiencing this have a rather large history behind them.

  6. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Davor,

    It would be great if you can find a new issue or send latest information of CS-79684. Because CS-79684's SLA info for Total SLA in DB does not match with its screenshot and right now we can not decide that if this is a bug or they are just taken at different times.

    Best, Kubilay

  7. Davor Fisher reporter


    I am waiting to find an example of a new issue; it does not happen that often so this might take a few days to replicate; most of the previous issues reported already are completed by now. Please keep this open so i can try to get an issue and we can send data.


  8. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Davor,

    We made a release including a bugfix for this problem, updating TTS to latest version should fix your problem. Feel free to reopen the issue if your problem goes on.

    Best, Kubilay

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