Project roles for SLA notification ?

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Vaidas Kalibatas created an issue

Hello, dear support Do I need any (special) permissions for project role to be used in SLA notifications? (to allow it receive SLA notifications)

Bet regards Vaidas Kalibatas

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  1. Vaidas Kalibatas reporter

    I have created new project roje SLA notifications, and for some project it do not receive e-mails (all role members have valid e-mails) , but if I add e-mails to that notification record e-mail field, then all e-mails are sent.

    VaidaS K.

  2. Vaidas Kalibatas reporter

    also question - is it so that notification settings are applied only when issue is created, and not checked for any changed after that i.e. If I add additional notifier for existing SLA definition, when issue which mets that SLA definition is already created, is that so that these changes wont be applied to existing issue?

    VaidaS K.

  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Vaidas,

    SLA notifications are not sent according to any project role. The users should only have specified project role (for the project of the issue).

    Notifications are not sent for existing issues. If the issue starts an SLA it immediately creates a notifier record. Also, triggering "SLA Generation" will create SLA notifier record.


  4. Vaidas Kalibatas reporter

    With roles it is more or less clear now. We checked ... It sends notifications to users from SLA enabled project, who are granted chosen role. Is it possible to get value from field "Notify before" to use it in notification e-mail's subject or body? some field like $slaNotifyBefore? Also missing "Notification "Preview" button which is described in documentation do I looking into wrong place? or it is obsoleted and removed ?

  5. Vaidas Kalibatas reporter

    sorry, My fault, missed update. After update "Preview" button is in place and is working perfect :)

  6. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Sure thing, we can add $slaNotifyBefore parameter to context.
    Please wait for the upcoming release.


  7. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Vaidas,

    Please upgrade to the latest appropriate version. You can now use $slaNotifyBefore parameter as well

  8. Vaidas Kalibatas reporter

    Hello Tuncay, Thank you for quick reaction and response. Everything working perfect right now ☺ parameter $slaNotifyBefore returns correct value. You can close issue.

    Have a nIce day

    BR Vaidas K.

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