Apply JQL functions on SLA configuration by description

Issue #370 resolved
Jean-Baptiste Renaudin
created an issue

Today, we use JQL function with SLA Id

example : issue in tts.issuesHaveSomeMetSlas(22, 23, 30)

But we want use JQL function with SLA description (corresponding to several SLA id)

example : issue in tts.issuesHaveSomeMetSlas("GTI")

The plugin gets all SLA id having this description and gives them to JQL function.

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hello Renaudin,

    This feature will be shipped within upcoming version, please give us a while.
    Most probably the release will be launched in a couple weeks.


  2. DSI

    This feature is very important for our customer.

    We must to migrate from VertygoSLA to TimeToSLA soon because this plugin is stopped.

    Therefore, do you have a release date ?

  3. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi everyone,

    This feature is implemented at our latest release. You can now use SLA descriptions as JQL parameters along with SLA IDs. If an SLA description matches with more than one SLA all of them will be included to search.

    Please always feel free to share your requests and ideas with us.

    Best, Kubilay

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