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I set non-working days in the configuration panel and we get 2 issues.

first issue: Issues that starts SLA on non-working day are bugged, reseting the SLA after each reload page. I made a test creating another issue on a normal day and everyting did as expected.

Second issue: there are some issues that start SLA one day before an non-working day and the issue bypass, one day after a non-working day the issues are still with SLA in progress but filtering issues with tts.issuesWithRemainingTimeLessThan("1d",24) we got nothing as result, but we have at least 6 issues with the criteria filtered.

I think, whem we set a non-working day, for the plugin, it can't predict a non-work day for JQL methods and it can't handler with and issue that start SLA on a non-working day.

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  1. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello Vitor,

    I have looked at your first issue, and I could not reproduce the problem you have seen. To understand what went wrong I want some screen shots from you. Can you attach screen shots of the calendar with showing non working days, specified SLA configuration that you saw the problem, and an issue that clearly show it is counting down in a non-working day.

    I have not started reproducing the second issue. But it would also help if you sent me the screen shots of expected and actual results of the filtering.

    Best, Alparslan

  2. vitorv reporter

    Hello Alparslan,

    I added Some Prints about the issues but for issue number one i can't reproduce anymore.

    the point is, i think that filters behaviors aren't count a non-working day, the field "SLA indicator" and "SLA overview" Counts but when we are filtering for issues, the filters aren't count paused SLA's

  3. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]
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    Hello Vitor,

    First of all we recommend you to use JQL functions instead of filtering with SLA Indicator fields, as it will most of the time will show wrong results. Secondly we had some problems with SLAs with Start date field in JQL but we solved this problem and you can get it with upcoming release of the Time To SLA.

    Secondly if you have a test environment I need you to recreate the first issue. In my environment everything worked as expected and I do not have much to do if I do not see the problem. If you can somehow recreate the same problem, I need you to give me the logs.

    Best, Alparslan

  4. vitorv reporter

    Hello Alparslan,

    Ok, i'll reproduce the issue on my dev instance.

    For now i have an question. On attach 002 We have a filter with a JQL Function "tts.issuesHaveSomeExceededSlas()" These issues filtered are on the same Workflow and we have just one SLA Configured. Why that function has as result issues with SLA "in progress" and "Exceeded" at same time ?

  5. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello again Vitor,

    As i said on my above comment, we had some issues with SLAs that has start custom field. We solved this problem and it will be published with our next release. Sorry for this inconvenience.

    Regard, Alparslan

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