API "Saving SLA definition" doesn't accept targetStatusId attribute with multiple values

Issue #407 resolved
Jean-Baptiste Renaudin created an issue

I call the REST API :

[POST] /rest/tts-api/latest/sla {"description":"GTI","workflowName":"XXXX","originStatusId":"1","targetStatusId":["10021","3"],"multipleTransition":true,"onlyFirstExecution":false,"workingTimeId":169,"priorityId":"2","slaValueAsTimeString":"10m","jqlString":"cf[14174] in ('3333 [3333]')"}

Result : null

When i do :

[POST] /rest/tts-api/latest/sla {"description":"GTI","workflowName":"XXXX","originStatusId":"1","targetStatusId":"10021","multipleTransition":true,"onlyFirstExecution":false,"workingTimeId":169,"priorityId":"2","slaValueAsTimeString":"10m","jqlString":"cf[14174] in ('3333 [3333]')"}

Result : {"success":true,"message":"732","code":0}

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Sorry for the inconvenience, Could you please try using "10021,3" ?
    Sorry, even it is not a standard JSON usage, I noticed that we do not have documentation about this. regards

  2. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Services are changed to accept array rather than comma delimited string for statuses (with 6.26.0 version)

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