SLA Configuration loses association with its workflow after modification

Issue #428 resolved
Sonya Chen
created an issue

Original status:
"Global SLA“ was associated with workflow ”PMO Task".
"TMM SLA" was associated with workflow "TMM Task".
"Gobal SLA" was associated with workflow "SD - Jira Bug Reporting".

Then due to user request, we needed to change some criteria for "TMM SLA" (changing the calendar) and "Estimated Time SLA" (changing its name from "Gobal SLA" to "Estimated Time SLA").

After the changes, I couldn't found "TMM SLA“ under the workflow "TMM Task", and not "Estimated Time SLA" under the workflow "SD - Jira Bug Reporting" anymore. And at the same time, we found these two SLAs appearing on the SLA report of "PMO Task".

I think the correct performance should be: no matter what changes we do to a SLA configuration, as long as we don't move it to some other workflow, it's supposed to stay where it was, not messing with the report of other projects.

Please fix this bug as wrong entries of SLA reports can really affect our users' work. Thank you.

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  1. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]
    • changed status to open

    Hello Sonya,

    I have looked at your problem and solved it. From now on workflow of an SLA will not be changing after being updated. You will be able to get this fix with the upcoming update of the Time to SLA.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

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