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Stefania Rubello created an issue


I'm facing a problem; I need to make available SLA Report to the role ICT USERS, I've set configuration as in attached screeshot but people in this role cannot view SLA report panel.

I've updated the plugin at the last version

Thanks in advance Stefania slareport.PNG

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  1. Alparslan Tozan [Snapbytes]

    Hello Stefania,

    I want to ask two questions. First are you having problems with Top Menu item "SLA Report" or are you having problems with entering to "SLA Report" page. Secondly did you saw this problem before or did it occur now?

    Regards, Alparslan

  2. Stefania Rubello reporter

    Hello, 1) users in the role "ICT Users" don't view Top Menu, they don't view nothing on the bar on top (attached file) 2) I've never configured permissions before, that's the first time so I cannot say if this problem was already present or not SLA PERMISSIONS.PNG

    Thanks Stefania

  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Stefania,

    If you select the project role, then those users should be in global members of that project role.
    Since there is no specific project to check, TTS uses those global members.
    Are you sure that those users are in global members of the selected project role(s)?


  4. Stefania Rubello reporter

    SLA REPORT.PNGHi, ok I' got it, I'd not configured that section, so that was the problem so now users in that role con see the panel but they cannot use the sla report; they cannot add a filter (see screenshot)

    thanks Stefania

  5. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi again,

    Could you please respond for below questions:
    - Is it same for all users?
    - Is there any user who sees this screen normally?
    - Which browser are you using and did you have a chance to test with Chrome?
    - If you already tested with Chrome, could you please open Chrome's Developer Tools (F12 or setting > More Tools > Developer Tools), switch to Console tab and refresh the report page. If you see any errors (in red) could you please share that with us?


  6. Stefania Rubello reporter


    1) yes for all users in that role 2) i'm in role administrator and i haven't the problem 3) In our company we're obliged to use Explorer11 but for test I try using both firefox and chrome bu the problem appears anyway 4) here red errors: slareport:114 GET http://xxx/jira/plugins/servlet/tts/configure/$baseUrl/download/resources/plugin.tts/js/tts-slareport.js 404 (Not Found)

    batch.js?agile_global_admin_condition=true&is-server-instance=true&jag=true&jaguser=true&locale=it-…:447 GET http://xxx/jira/rest/plugins/1.0/notifications?_=1498211092663 401 (Unauthorized)

    There are also a lot of deprecated: batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=it-IT:213 DEPRECATED

  7. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Thanks for the info.
    I really appreciate your cooperation
    We'll work on it.


  8. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi again,

    We just reproduced the problem. The bug will be fixed within the upcoming version (which will be released in a week or two)

    Thanks for the feedback

  9. Stefania Rubello reporter


    thank you very much for your collaboration and very fast reply

    much appreciated


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