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  		   bin subdirectory below the ant build files. If the project
 		   is configured to put it elsewhere, that can be specified
 		   here, relative to the base of the checked out repo..
- oldsdkloc=yes   - The sdk location in the repo is in an old format
+ oldsdkloc=yes   - The sdk location in the repo is in an old format, or the
+                   build.xml is expecting such. The 'new' format is sdk.dir
+		   while the VERY OLD format is sdk-location. Typically, if
+		   you get a message along the lines of:
+		        " cannot be found"
+		   when trying to build, then try enabling this option.
  target=<target> - Specifies a particular SDK target, when the source doesn't.
                    This is likely to cause the whole build.xml to be rewritten,
 		   which is fine if it's a 'standard' android file or doesn't
                    build. Probably not useful for any other application.
  buildjni=yes      Enables building of native code via the ndk-build script before
  		   doing the main ant build.
+ submodules=yes    Use if the project (git only) has submodules - causes git
+ 		   submodule init and update to be executed after the source is
+		   cloned.
 Another example, using extra parameters:
                         print "Invalid repo type " + app['repotype']
+                # Initialise submodules if requred...
+                if (thisbuild.has_key('submodules') and
+                        thisbuild['submodules'] == "yes"):
+                        if['git', 'submodule', 'init'],
+                                cwd=build_dir) != 0:
+                            print "Git submodule init failed"
+                            sys.exit(1)
+                        if['git', 'submodule', 'update'],
+                                cwd=build_dir) != 0:
+                            print "Git submodule update failed"
+                            sys.exit(1)
                 # Generate (or update) the ant build file, build.xml...
                 if (not thisbuild.has_key('update')) or thisbuild['update'] == 'yes':
                     parms = ['android','update','project','-p','.']


Binary file added.


+Web Site:
+Source Code:
+Issue Tracker:
+Summary:Task management tool
+A task management tool, based on the popular Astrid. It comes with features like reminders, tagging and
+widgets, but without Astrid features such as ads and proprietary add-ons.
+Repo Type:git
+Build Version:3.6.4,170,692ed969d4ed923887b106b9e89af7eceb0f51dd,submodules=yes,prebuild=sed -i "s@\.\./astridApi@astridApi@"
+Disabled:Submission in progress


-Disabled:What's the latest version? 0.7.4 is very old and there's no consistent source repo version for it
+Use Built:Yes
 Web Site:
 Source Code:
 An XMPP client.
 Repo Type:git
-Build Version:0.7.4,4,hmmm
+Build Version:0.7.4,5,0.7.4,oldsdkloc=yes
     thisinfo['md5'] = m.hexdigest()
+    # Get the signature (or md5 of, to be precise)...
+    p = subprocess.Popen(['java', 'getsig', os.path.join('..', apkfile)]
+            , cwd='getsig', stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
+    output = p.communicate()[0]
+    if options.verbose:
+        print output
+    if p.returncode != 0 or not output.startswith('Result:'):
+        print "ERROR: Failed to get apk signature"
+        sys.exit(1)
+    thisinfo['sig'] = output[7:].strip()
     # Extract the icon file...
     apk = zipfile.ZipFile(apkfile, 'r')
     thisinfo['icon'] = (thisinfo['id'] + '.' +
                 addElement('versioncode', apk['versioncode'], doc, apkel)
                 addElement('apkname', apk['apkname'], doc, apkel)
                 addElement('hash', apk['md5'], doc, apkel)
+                addElement('sig', apk['sig'], doc, apkel)
                 addElement('size', str(apk['size']), doc, apkel)
                 addElement('sdkver', str(apk['sdkversion']), doc, apkel)
                 perms = ""