Build fails (missing include dir) on OSX

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Lyle Moffitt
created an issue


I was very much looking forward to using this in my project, but I can't get the darn thing to build. Foremost, it should be noted that Mac users will have to hand edit CMakeCache.txt:18 because the included version of bison on OSX is v2.3. After handling that issue, i still could not get it to build because make fails, citing numerous (19) errors. All of these are to the effect :

/Volumes/MacBook_HD/Developer/Sources/json++/ error: no member named 'move' in namespace 'std'
Value::Value(string&& s) : string_v(std::move(s)), type_t(STRING) { }

Furthermore, editing CMakeCache.txt:34 or CMakeCache.txt:53 seems to have no effect; they don't even show up.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong here.

Cheers, --Lyle M.

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  1. Tommaso Urli repo owner

    Hi, just a quick reply. You're right, the needed version of bison is not 2.7 (as Helmut Ploner found out), but you will still need bison 2.4 in order to build the parser (I have updated the CMakeFiles.txt), because some of its features are needed. I suggest you update it through MacPorts or similar.

    As for the other errors, it looks like you're not using C++11.

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