problem about building under cygwin

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David Long
created an issue

Hi,tommaso, I am trying to use json++ in my project,I downloaded the source code and trying to build a demo,I found there is a header file named which included in json.hh and i can not find such file in the source packet. then,I try to build the source code under cygwin,I just simply run command make and get these error below:

$ make
bison -d json.y
Makefile:9: recipe for target `' failed
make: *** [] Broken pipe

I assume that I can get after successful build the source code,anything I did wrong or any suggestion,please tell me,thanks a lot.

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  1. Tommaso Urli repo owner

    Right, bison is supposed to generate the missing file, but, for some reason is clearly not doing that. I'll have a look into that as soon as I get home.

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