Homedir Stow

This is a repository which can be used with stow to re-create (parts of) my HOME How does it work?

1. Clone this repo

You should clone this repo in your home directory. You can rename it to be hidden (add a .) or rename it to whatever you like.

2.1 Manually

You can do this manually (not a good idea)

ln -s {/path/to/the/file} {/path/for/the/link}

2.2 Stow

You should let GNU stow do the hard work.

2.2.1 Install Stow On Mac OSX

Use Homebrew

brew install stow On Debian based GNU/Linux

Use apt

apt-get install stow On RedHat based GNU/Linux

Use yum

yum install stow

2.2.2 Use stow Navigate to the dotfiles repository
cd dotfiles Stow the package
stow {package} Unstow a package
stow --delete {package} Show what would happen
stow --no --verbose {package}

3. Profit