web2itter / views / generic.html

{{extend 'layout.html'}}

You should not modify this file. 
It is used as default when a view is not provided for your controllers



<button onclick="document.location='{{=URL("admin","default","design",args=request.application)}}'">admin</button>
<button onclick="jQuery('#request').slideToggle()">request</button>
<div class="hidden" id="request"><h2>request</h2>{{=BEAUTIFY(request)}}</div>
<button onclick="jQuery('#session').slideToggle()">session</button>
<div class="hidden" id="session"><h2>session</h2>{{=BEAUTIFY(session)}}</div>
<button onclick="jQuery('#response').slideToggle()">response</button>
<div class="hidden" id="response"><h2>response</h2>{{=BEAUTIFY(response)}}</div>
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