yii-bootstrap / demo / yii / messages / de / size_units.php

 * Message translations.
 * This file is automatically generated by 'yiic message' command.
 * It contains the localizable messages extracted from source code.
 * You may modify this file by translating the extracted messages.
 * Each array element represents the translation (value) of a message (key).
 * If the value is empty, the message is considered as not translated.
 * Messages that no longer need translation will have their translations
 * enclosed between a pair of '@@' marks.
 * Message string can be used with plural forms format. Check i18n section
 * of the guide for details.
 * NOTE, this file must be saved in UTF-8 encoding.
return array (
  '{n} B' => '{n} B',
  '{n} Bytes' => '{n} Byte',
  '{n} GB' => '{n} GB',
  '{n} GigaBytes' => '{n} Gigabyte',
  '{n} KB' => '{n} KB',
  '{n} KiloBytes' => '{n} Kilobyte',
  '{n} MB' => '{n} MB',
  '{n} MegaBytes' => '{n} Megabyte',
  '{n} TB' => '{n} TB',
  '{n} TeraBytes' => '{n} Terabyte',