How can you insert comments in the markdown document?

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Tim Kelley created an issue

There does not seem to be a way. We like to keep documentation in bitbucket as well, in markdown format. It's very limiting not to be able to have comments (that will not render) in the document.

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  1. Jessy Giacomoni

    Hi, You would like to add comment on your document and are hidden on page renderer ? Add HTML comment <!-- -->

    Best regards

  2. Gábor Imre

    +1 for the HTML-style comments. It is very important. @dj_hartman thanks for the workaround, but this is hardly usable for multiline comments and it is against the markdown philosophy... So this is to be solved by BitBucket.

  3. Brian Burns

    +1 - it's very useful to be able to turn bits of a readme on/off at times - would love to have this feature.

  4. Brett Swift

    Bitbucket Cloud should support standard markdown features.
    Bitbucket Server does this. I ported a project into Bitbucket Cloud from BB Server and the readme is.. rather nasty.

  5. Miles Duke

    +1. doctoc works quite nicely, but the comments look downright ugly when viewed in our bitbucket server (v5.3).

  6. Patrick Lanigan

    The two ToC generators for VSCode that I have tested both rely on <!-- --> style comments to function and BB displays them uglifying my markdown rendering.

    +1 Please fix this.

  7. Steve Vaughan

    +1 for this. Our code is formatted by Prettier and the Pragma inserted by it follows the <!-- --> syntax

  8. belgacea

    +1 for <!-- --> This issue remains since 2015. Could someone in the Atlassian team do something, please ?

  9. Gerardo Lima

    +1 for HTML syntax <!-- -->

    I don't quite understand the need to create a flavor of a simple markdown language.

  10. Matt Nance Hall

    What if you want to make a multi-line comment, such as an empty table, to be filled in later? +100 for HTML style comments please

  11. Paul Quappe

    I really dont understand why comments and image resizing is not supported in the ? These issues are really much better solved in github.

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