logpad.el MELPA

That one Notepad feature - for GNU Emacs.


A couple of years ago, I wrote a plug-in that would allow me to use Microsoft's Notepad logging from inside Vim. This is the GNU Emacs variant.


logpad.el is available on MELPA.


Enable (logpad-mode) and GNU Emacs will check for the magic .LOG line whenever you open a text file. For your convenience, this is only happening for new buffers, existing buffers won't be touched.

Donations (optional)

logpad.el is free software by the terms of the WTFPL. As some people - including myself - like to contribute money for a good cause anyway, here are two possible options for you:

Donate money to the nature:

Both Kākāpō Recovery and the WWF do a pretty good job at trying to keep species alive. You are invited to join their efforts.

Donate money to me:

Yes, I like money as well.

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