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Tim Vernum d3443de 

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Tim Vernum d3443de 
Tim Vernum 5bc2c4e 
Tim Vernum d3443de 

Tim Vernum fc529ff 

Tim Vernum d3443de 
Tim Vernum fc529ff 
Tim Vernum d3443de 
Tim Vernum fc529ff 

Tim Vernum d3443de 

Tim Vernum fc529ff 

Tim Vernum d3443de 
Tim Vernum fc529ff 

Tim Vernum d3443de 

Tim Vernum fc529ff 

Tim Vernum d3443de 

Tim Vernum fc529ff 
Tim Vernum d3443de 

<!-- vim: set ft=ant ts=2 sts=2 expandtab shiftwidth=2  : -->
<project name="syntactic-parser"  default="all" basedir="."  xmlns:ivy="antlib:org.apache.ivy.ant" >

  <property name="javacc.home" value="/Users/tim/Development/Libraries/javacc/javacc-5.0/"/>

  <property name="output"                location="output/ant"         />
  <property name=""           location="output/ant/java"    />
  <property name="output.classes"        location="output/ant/classes" />
  <property name="output.classes.parser" location="${output.classes}/parser" />
  <property name="output.classes.test"   location="${output.classes}/test" />
  <property name="output.grammar"        location="${output}/grammar" />
  <property name="output.junit"          location="${output}/junit"   />
  <property name="output.dist"           location="${output}/dist"    />

  <property name="java.parser.package" value="org/adjective/syntactic/parser" />

  <target name="all"   description="Builds parser + runs tests" depends="build, test, dist" />
  <target name="build" description="Builds parser" depends="grammar, compile " />

  <target name="grammar" depends="jjtree,javacc" />

  <target name="jjtree" >
    <mkdir dir="${output}/grammar" />
    <mkdir dir="${}/${java.parser.package}/ast" />
        javacchome="${javacc.home}" />

      replace="JavaParserVisitor&lt;R,T&gt;" />

    <replace file="${}/${java.parser.package}/ast/" >
      <replacefilter token="JavaParserVisitor " value="JavaParserVisitor&lt;R,T&gt; " />
      <replacefilter token="public R jjtAccept" value="public &lt;R,T&gt; R jjtAccept" />


  <target name="javacc" >
    <mkdir dir="${}/${java.parser.package}/jj" />
    <antcall target="javacc.internal" />

  <target name="javacc.internal" unless="javacc.uptodate">
        javacchome="${javacc.home}" />

  <!-- ******************
        Java Compilation 
       ****************** -->

  <path id="path.compile.parser" />

  <path id="path.compile.test" >
     <pathelement location="${output.classes.parser}" />
     <fileset dir="../lib/test/" />
  <macrodef name="compile">
    <element name="source" />
    <attribute name="out" />
    <attribute name="classpath" />
      <mkdir dir="@{out}" />

          <source />
          <classpath refid="@{classpath}" />

  <target name="compile" depends="compile.parser, compile.test" />

  <target name="compile.parser" >
    <compile out="${output.classes.parser}" classpath="path.compile.parser" >
        <src path="${}" /> 
        <src path="source/java/parser" /> 

  <target name="compile.test" >
    <compile out="${output.classes.test}" classpath="path.compile.test" >
        <src path="source/java/test" /> 

  <target name="test">
    <mkdir dir="${output.junit}" />
    <junit fork="yes" forkmode="once"  dir="${basedir}" haltonerror="false" failureproperty="junit.failure" errorproperty="junit.error" >
      <classpath >
        <pathelement location="${output.classes.parser}" />
        <pathelement location="${output.classes.test}" />
        <fileset dir="../lib/test/" />
      <batchtest todir="${output.junit}">
        <fileset dir="source/java/test">
          <include name="**/*"/>
      <formatter type="xml" />
      <formatter type="plain" />
    <fail if="junit.failure" />
    <fail if="junit.error" />

  <target name="dist.jar" depends="grammar,compile">
    <tstamp prefix="tstamp" >
      <format property="date" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" locale="en,AU"/>
      <format property="time" pattern="HH:mm"      locale="en,AU"/>
    <exec executable="hg" outputproperty="hg.version" >
      <arg value="id" />
      <arg value="-i" />
    <mkdir dir="${output.dist}" />
    <jar destfile="${output.dist}/${}.jar">
        <attribute name="Implementation-Revision" value="${hg.version}"/>
        <attribute name="Built-Date"              value="${} ${tstamp.time}"/>
      <fileset dir="${output.classes.parser}" />

  <target name="dist.source" >
    <zip destfile="${output.dist}/${}">
      <fileset dir="." includes="source/java/**" />
      <fileset dir="." includes="source/grammar/**" />

  <target name="dist" depends="dist.jar, dist.source" />

  <target name="clean">
    <delete dir="${output}" />

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