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 The _conversion_ tool is in `org.adjective.syntactic.convert.j8to7.Main`. 
 It takes the following command line arguments
 * `--source` is a file to be converted, or a directory to be recursively converted
 * `--output` is the file or directory where the conversion output should be saved
 * `--classpath` is a standard java classpath for the loading of references classes (in particular the [functional interfaces](http://www.lambdafaq.org/what-is-a-functional-interface/) used in the code being converted)
 * `--flatten` prevents the tool from recreating the `source` directory structure under `output`
 It requires three jar files on the classpath:
 * `syntactic-parser.jar` and `syntactic-convert.jar` from this project _(See [the download page](Download) for more info)_
 * `args4j` from [http://args4j.kohsuke.org/](http://args4j.kohsuke.org/)
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