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This library is an implementation of Yubico's Yubikey web validation API.

Licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

It should be considered "alpha" quality (version 0.1) and has a long way to go in being high quality and robust. Version numbering according to Semantic Versioning.

Supported features

  • Secured requests via api-key and HMAC
  • Secured responses via api-key and HMAC
  • HTTPS for end-to-end encryption of traffic
  • Verification of TLS certificate serial numbers and fingerprints
  • Asynchronous multiple-request support to validate against multiple available api endpoints.


To use this example you will need to already have a yubikey token and have registered for the api-key at:

// client to access multiple https api endpoints
Client client = new Client(1234, "base64 secret key", Yubico.MultipleSecure); 
client.Verify(OneTimePassword.Parse("otp string from yubikey token"));