The whole point of gig is to simplify the bootstrapping process for a Django project. No thinking about where your settings will go, where your templates should live, your project structure or any other "paperwork", just a simple way to get straight to editing your

To get started just download the code and install it in the usual manner:

$ sudo python install

Usage is as simple as:

$ gig init myproject

That will create a 'myproject' based on gig/templates/django/. Follow the instructions printed to the screen and you'll have a working Django site up and ready for development.

Ideally the template would be easily cusotmized, but at the moment it is an empty, admin-enabled Django site with some basic linuxy configs and HTML5 Boilerplate added.


  • Need to replace project root through some configs (apache and logrotate.conf).
  • User templates
  • Some kind of sensible way for variations on a project buildout