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Will retry commands when a BadStatusLine is encountered; also set a socket

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 from xml.etree import ElementTree
 import xml.parsers.expat
 import sqlite
+import socket
+# Set global socket timeout
 # library config
 pypi = ''
 BASE = 'http://'+pypi
 SIMPLE = BASE + '/simple/'
-version = '1.5'
+version = '1.5.1'
 UA = 'pep381client/'+version
 # Helpers
 def now():
     return int(time.time())
 # Main class
 class Synchronization:
         if etag:
             h.putheader("If-none-match", etag)
-        r = h.getresponse()
+        # If this returns a BadStatusLine, continue to retry, or skip it.
+        for i in range(4):
+            try:
+                r = h.getresponse()
+                break
+            except httplib.BadStatusLine:
+                print "BadStatusLine received; retrying", project
+        else:
+            print project, "could not be retrieved; skipping."
+            return
         if r.status == 304:
             # not modified, discard data
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