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Tom Willis
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not working as expected, should either merge that code in or put AlchemyExtra on pypi or something.

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  1. Anonymous

    My fork just pulls the and files into identity.model:

    Unless you really plan to push the AlchemyExtra bits as PyPI projects, that seems sufficient for me. Note that my fork also updates the schema file to use the MSBinary location from SQLAlchemy 2.6.

  2. Tom Willis reporter

    First, 1000 apologies for this.

    Initially, AlchemyExtra was planned to be where I would dump all the common stuff I did in sa that I thought would be reusable, and of course as you have found out only 2 things are in there UUID column type and the id column. Seems hardly worth going through the trouble of releasing that as a library because it's probably under 50 lines of code that I didn't really feel was significant enough to put on PyPi and implicitly support going forward. But maybe it is, or maybe it should just be rolled in to whatever project uses it. I know you also filed an issue which I was planning on addressing as well I'm leaning towards folding your fork back in if you are cool with that. Docs can be updated to give proper credit if that matters obviously.

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