identity.model / CHANGES.txt

 Change History


- dropping AlchemyExtra dependency compliments of Tres Seaver Thanks Man!!!

- changes to special urls to not rely on the root module global
- changes to work on python 2.5

webtest seems to behave differently in 2.5 in regards to form posts, all tests are passing except for the, however the bigcomposite example which that test is based on is working just fine. I'll need to get to the root of the problem on the webtest side eventually


- increasing unit test coverage to 97%
- updating docs
- generating pdf


- increasing unit test coverage currently 90%, the utilizes `beautifulsoup`_ so install it if you wish to see all tests pass.

- got rid of old wsgi middleware implementation

- added a new wsgi example application (straighwsgi) which uses urlmap to for a composite application, and deliverance for a common theme. 
- added a bfg example app

- consolidated common code between widgets and validation schemas

- swapped out pycrypto dependency in favor of `cryptacular`_ with patch contribution from `Daniel Holth`_, this results in a better password hashing scheme that is less vulnerable to `rainbow table attacks`_.

- mini-apps: new manager app


- initial version

- database schema, model objects, and mange functions for users, groups, permissions.

- mini-apps: auth, password, register

.. _`Daniel Holth`:
.. _`cryptacular`:
.. _`rainbow table attacks`:
.. _`beautifulsoup`: