TwinsChain Implementation


The following instruction are for Linux environment only.

  1. First, you need to install Java. Oracle Java 8 is preferred. For Ubuntu, you can follow this article, for other distribution, download from the Oracle website and install manually.

  2. Scala Build Tool (SBT) is needed. Follow download section at the website to install

  3. We use snapshot versions for Scorex and IODB. Please build and publish them locally because of that


git clone
sbt publishLocal


git clone
sbt publishLocal
  1. Build and run TwinsChain

    git clone sbt compile sbt run

and choose whether to run a node (HybridApp) or to run a simulation of two chains competition (PrivateChain)

to change setting of a node running, check settings1.json default - settings10.json in src/main/resources