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From Elwin. E. M. Hennis, a 5th great nephew of Martin Harris. My interests have been in code, ciphers, invisible inks, secret languages like Boont from Boonville, Made up star trek languages, Circular Gallifreyan from the Dr. Who shows, and now Deseret, the well developed but almost extinct Mormon Alphabet and associated pronunciations. Brigham Young was an early adopter of the Telegraph Technology within Deseret State and the Deseret alphabet. But I wonder if the two interests married into a telegraph code for the Deseret Symbols? The Morse code was developed on frequency analysis. E was most common so it was a dit (). T was the second most common letter so it was a dah (-). A, N, I, M, are common letters to so two keyed sounds were sent for them A = (-), N = (-), i =(*), M = (- -), then medium frequency letters used 3 key strokes and then less used characters used 4 key strokes. The closest relative of the Romanized text could be used for morse code and a little over a bakers dozen of new dits and dahs could fill in the rest to make 40 characters. There are a number of unused combinations. It is illegal to send a secret code by radio teligraph if you are a Radio Amateur but a language could be sent and Deseret is a representation of a language.

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