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Issue #230 closed
timothy perfitt created an issue

Add a second (optional) set of folders for the shared contents. So, you would have, for example, Packages & Apps and Packages & Apps (Shared).

I don’t know if you want to shoehorn this into the Resources tab or create a new Shared Resources tab with the same folder choices.

I think this would be cleaner than my initial idea of using alias files for the sharing since, to update a file, I only have to do it in the shared folder, not multiple places.

I can see where some workflows might only have a shared Apps & Pkgs folder and the Profiles & Scripts are unique, so that’s another bit of info that may help with implementation.


Edited to add last paragraph.

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  1. Kenneth Kordisch

    This would be great. As right now, each workflow has duplicates of every app and it takes up a lot of space.

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