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Issue #231 resolved
timothy perfitt created an issue

I have a suggestion for contribution, perhaps for the next MDS version.

In the section regarding selecting folders for Applications/Scripts/Profile section; when clicking on the up and down arrows next to the “Select Folder”, enable the option to tick the a particular entry (application package/script/profile) to be included in the workflow.

(Optional) If there is opportunity, perhaps also allow ordering i.e. run packages/script/profiles in order or by alphanumerical order of the filename, e.g. 01_appname, 02_appname.

At my workplace we use Casper distribution share via HTTP and SMB; alot of the packages and scripts are stored in this distribution share, by allowing the MDS to point to this folder and giving the option to select packages would save time and hard drive storage rather than creating different folders with same packages for different workflows.

Keep up the good work, this MDS solution seems to revive the old imaging method some of us has lost since the introduction of High Sierra, that is, having the applications, scripts and profiles preloaded before handing out to staff members.

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