GUI performance and configuration enhancements

Issue #13 resolved
Konrad Kostecki created an issue

I know GUI is still in development, but just for a record two things that could be improved:

  • When starting AMR it takes 15 seconds to see AMR's GUI. Not sure, what's the reason however it's pretty slow. My Amiga has 030/33MHz and 128MB RAM. I am wondering whether AMR should stay only as a background daemon for obtaining the modules and the control of playing the module should be done completely on the player side.

  • lots of configuration options are missing.

This is why I prefer CLI-version of AMR for now.

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  1. Tygre repo owner

    Not sure about the starting time, I am using code generated by MUIBuilder, code which looks quite straightforward to me. I will time it and to try to identify the culprit.

    Regarding the configuration options, definitely something that I will look into :-)

  2. Konrad Kostecki reporter

    Thanks for looking at performance issue. Not sure what is your platform, but always toy can try to use it via winuae/fsuae with A1200 real timing and you should see what I mean. Other MUI apps are starting pretty fast for me. K

  3. Tygre repo owner

    Hi there! You will see in v0.93 MUI the appearance of a "Options" page :-) Soon to be active!

  4. Tygre repo owner

    I believe this problem is solved in v0.95. It came from one mistake: I was using PNG files for the icons instead of IFF, even if I had put the extension ".iff". Another possible reason is that the connection to Aminet may be slow. I would really appreciate some testing here :-)

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