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Issue #5 resolved
Konrad Kostecki created an issue

As I can see, when we want to play next module, the player ejects the module and we have a silence for downloading/extracting period.

I'd see AMR as a background application with low priority for CPU resources. AMR shouldn't stop module while downloading/extracting and actually it should download few modules in advance. Once it's extracted the player can change the module to play. When in queue we have (let's say) 2 modules left AMR should download/extract new modules. Once we have modules in queue we could also try to maintain and mange playlists for this purpose as well.

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  1. Tygre repo owner

    Done in v0.92! I had to teach myself process programming on the Amiga and experiment with open the console.device but, as of v0.92, it is working for AmigaAmp, DeliTracker, EaglePlayer, and HippoPlayer :-) The idea is simple: I run a separate process that monitors the status of the player and interrupts AMR if the player stops playing... now, to implement this interruption, I had to replace calls to getchar() to calls to my own interruptible_getchar() function, which listens directly from the Console!

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