Memory leak when FTP connection fails

Issue #74 resolved
Tygre repo owner created an issue
Fortify: Overwrite detected after block (0x6953b7b4,296,utils.c.367) at ftp.c.549
         Memory integrity was last verified at unknown.0
   Address   Offset Data (a5)
0x6953ae74        0 00a5a5a5 a5a5a5a5 a5a5a5a5 a5a5a5a5    "................"
                        ...16 bytes skipped...

Fortify: "free()" twice of (0x697fea44,921,utils.c.427) detected at sources.c.335
         Memory block was deallocated by "free()" at controlscommon.c.921

Fortify: Memory leak detected leaving scope at main.c.157
   Address     Size Allocator
0x6953b7b4      296 utils.c.367
     total      296 bytes in 1 blocks with 104 bytes overhead

Fortify: Statistics at main.c.158
         Memory currently allocated: 296 bytes in 1 blocks
         Maximum memory allocated at one time: 7076392 bytes in 265 blocks
         There have been 73245 allocations and 73244 deallocations
         There was a total of 541119369 bytes allocated
         The average allocation was 7387 bytes

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