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Python Library for Blizzard's Community Platform API

Major features

  • Pythonic
  • Unicode normalization
  • Lazyloading and eagerloading
  • Eventlet support

Making a connection

Global connection settings can be setup so that objects can make connections implicitly.

from battlenet import Connection

Connection.setup(public_key='your public key', private_key='your private key')

You can also create connections explicitly.

from battlenet import Connection

connection = Connection(public_key='your public key', private_key='your private key')

Fetching a specific realm

from battlenet import Realm

# If a global connection was setup
realm = Realm(battlenet.UNITED_STATES, 'Nazjatar')

# Using a specific connection
realm = connection.get_realm(battlenet.UNITED_STATES, 'Nazjatar')

print realm.name
# => Nazjatar

print realm.is_online()
# => true

print realm.type
# => PVP

Fetching all realms

for realm in connection.get_all_realms():
    print realm

Fetching a character

from battlenet import Character

# If a global connection was setup
character = Character(battlenet.UNITED_STATES, 'Nazjatar', 'Vishnevskiy', fields=[Character.GUILD])

# Using a specific connection
character = connection.get_character(battlenet.UNITED_STATES, 'Nazjatar', 'Vishnevskiy', fields=[Character.GUILD])

print character.name
# => Vishnevskiy

print character.guild.name
# => Excellence

Fetching a guild

from battlenet import Character

# If a global connection was setup
guild = Guild(battlenet.UNITED_STATES, 'Nazjatar', 'Excellence')

# Using a specific connection
guild = connection.get_guild(battlenet.UNITED_STATES, 'Nazjatar', 'Excellence')

print guild.name
# => Excellence

leader = guild.get_leader()
print leader.name
# => Clí

More Examples

Read the unit tests inside the tests directory.


  • Better abstraction over data API
  • Documentation
  • Python 3 Support