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Tim Babych
update to work with silme r629
Tim Babych
l10nmerge updated to trunk version of silme library, fixed a bug and improved help.
Tim Babych
html output added
Tim Babych
tweaked output and options
Tim Babych
accesskey checking script
Zbigniew Braniecki
compile l20n
Zbigniew Braniecki
update to 0.9
Zbigniew Braniecki
Added tag silme-0.8 for changeset b40058006a9c
Zbigniew Braniecki
new format parser for lang.php files
update 3way merge diff to the new era. API matches 0.8, and by default it marks all new entities as commented out
update apply_map
package.__contains__ will not work :(
reintroduce object merging in 3waymerge, but this time in a way smarter mode. and faster :)
when user aborts we don't fail. we cancel
move diff code up and improve the var naming scheme
improve package handling for import and merge
two merges updated
make use of package as an iterator latest new silme feature
move out user input gathering to separate function
update l10nmerge-3way. The diff is big, but some of it is due to pythonization of syntax (indentation). What's beyond is adding compare-packages to compare source pack with target pack to avoid merge conflicts, and big chunk of work on the new way of adding files and entities - in commented out mode.
map_structure can now execute apply_map without creating the map.txt file
fix map_structure for 0.7
one other update to l10nmerge-3way
update l10nmerge-3way to 0.7
update l10nconv to 0.7
Add variable replace inside entities (on DTD2L20n)
convert ID's to L20n acceptable format
remove not needed imports from convtol20n script
add a script that converts "old" formats to l20n
remove lib part
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