1. Tim Babych
  2. yasql-builder


This is a technical test task, implemented for EPAM/US company on spring 2011.

Task Description

Design and implement a module for working with some SQL datadase: building queries, fetching data, updating records, etc.

Usage should be the following:

import sql
def GetUsersMapping(since):
    db = sql.Db(some_connection_parameters)
    query = sql.SqlBuilder()
    query.Select(db.Users.id, db.Users.login
        ).Where(db.Users.last_login_time < since
        ).And(db.Users.login != 'admin')
    rows = query.FetchFrom(db)
    return dict((row.id, row.login) for row in rows)

sql.SqlBuilder class should support:

  • protection from SQL injection
  • updating and deleting records
  • selecting all fields from a table
  • working with complex WHERE cases: SELECT ... WHERE (flag = "A" OR (flag = "B" AND class = "m")) AND (position < 10)
  • SQL joins
  • working with lists, sets and other sequential types in scope of SQL IN operator: SELECT ... WHERE id IN (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • working with query parameters, that is an ability to create query once and then run it several times with different parameters

Nice to have:

  • data types checking, i.e. it shouldn't be possible to do ...Where(db.Users.login < 5) if Users.login contains strings.
  • operations checking: sql.Select(...).And(...).Where(...) should lead to exception.

No special requirements for sql.Db class.

The module should be clearly and fully documented with docstrings, including methods' arguments and returning values. Basic unittests are required.