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Incorporate feedback from Tony Morris

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 	<div class="slide">
 		<p>Scalaz pimps a set of common typeclasses for us, so we can just do:</p>
 <pre class="scala">
-3.shows // must have a "Show[Int]" instance in scope 
+3.shows // must have a "Show[Int]" instance in scope, or will fail to type check
 		<li class="slide">There's mostly* nothing magical about these typeclasses</li>
 		<li class="slide">In scala, they're provided by a library called scalaz (pronounced scala-zed)</li>
 		<li class="slide">We're using a snapshot of scalaz-seven, hosted on github</li>
+		<li class="slide">This is how the hierarchy is defined in Haskell--- it isn't perfect</li>
 	<p class="slide">We'll cover functors, applicative functors, and monads</p>
 	<p class="slide" style="font-size: 60%">*one exception: <code>for</code> comprehensions and monads</p>
     fmap :: (a -> b) -> f a -> f b	
+	<div class="slide">
+		<p>In the Haskell version, we see how <code>f</code> is <em>lifted</em> into the functor context.</p>
+	</div>
 <section class="slide">