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responsible = ac.ModelChoiceField(queryset=queryset) }}} First, the error

Exception Type: TypeError Exception Value: init () got an unexpected keyword argument 'queryset'

Secondly, "autocomplete" should be determined from queryset, and not from outside


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  1. Germano Gabbianelli repo owner

    You have to register the Queryset with the autocomplete view before you can use it with your field.

    # usually at the beginning of
    from autocomplete.views import autocomplete
        id = 'your-choices',
        queryset = your_queryset,
        fields = ('one', 'two'), # the fields that should match the user input (e.g. username for the User model)
        **other_options # read autocomplete/ and ac_example/ for more details.

    Then you can instantiate your form field with:

    from autocomplete.fields import ModelChoiceField
    your_field = ModelChoiceField('your-choices')
  2. Иван Петухов reporter

    Sorry, but queryset may be dynamically.


    def __init__(self, project, *args, **kwargs):
            queryset = project.members.all()
            self.base_fields['responsible'] = ac.ModelChoiceField(queryset=queryset)

    What to do with this situation?

  3. Germano Gabbianelli repo owner

    umh ... for this at the moment I think you need a little hack.

    from autocomplete.views import AutoCompleteView
    class ProjectAutoComplete(AutoCompleteView):
        def __call__(self, request, project_id):
            p = Project.objects.get(pk=project_id) # use get obj or 404 here
            self.register(id=str(, queryset=p.members.all(), **your_options)
            return AutoCompleteView.__call__(self, request, str(
    project_autocomplete = ProjectAutoComplete()

    This view will automatically register the required project for you

    and in your urlconf

        url(r'^autocomplete/project/(\d+)$', project_autocomplete),

    and your field becomes

    field = ModelChoiceField(str(your_dynamic_project_id), view=project_autocomplete)

    I've not tested it, let me know if it works

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