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I am having a problem following the documentation to configure this. It seems to conflict with the Usage example. I am using Django 1.2.5 at the moment and looking to migrate to 1.3 shortly.

I am unclear where the sample code **autocomplete_instance.register("cities", CitiesSettings)** should go or if it is the correct syntax as the Usage example only states autocomplete not autocomplete_instance.

How do you then get this to be available in the Do you use it as a widget or is it a search field of some sort?

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  1. Germano Gabbianelli repo owner

    autocomplete.views.autocomplete is the default AutocompleteView instance, and you should include it only in your project urlconf.

    If you need an autocomplete view for a specific application you should define a new AutocompleteView instance in your and then include it in your app's

    from autocomplete.views import AutocompleteView
    my_autcomplete = AutocompleteView("myapp")
    from myapp.views import my_autocomplete

    Then once you added your autocomplete view to your urlconf and configured it with some AutocompleteSettings (for example with my_autocomplete.register("myid", MySettings)), then you can use an AutocompleteWidget in your forms simply passing to it an "autocomplete id" and an autocomplete view, so continuing the previous example:

    AutocompleteWidget("myid", my_autocomplete)

    Anyway if you have problems using autocomplete, you should just send me a private message, opening a ticket is not appropriate.

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