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Issue #3 resolved

JS error if try using this with FormSets

Anonymous created an issue

Firebug show error "missing ; before statement" after loading page with the autocomlpete field in formset.

[Break on this error] var ac_form-0-place = new autocomplete("...0-place", "/autocomplete/place/", true);

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  1. hagan Franks


    I'm using the latest public install of django-autocomplete I downloaded with mercurial. I'm also having an issue with formsets and javascript complaining about the variable name formsets generate... Not sure if this is part of your latest changes but i'm curious how I can patch this.



  2. hagan Franks

    I feel like an idiot... I was updating the wrong site-packages for my server.. I'm running this on a centos box and i'm trying to separate my OS python paths from the running mod_wsgi instance.... Anyhow, it's working now that i got my paths corrected. Thanks for the reply.

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