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Patrycjusz Szydło
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There is problem with autocomplete in admin.

Django-autocomplete - trunk Django - trunk (1.2 alpha)

Problem is with .form_row class (django admin forms.css ) - overflow:hidden hide autocomplete results.

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  1. Patrick Guido Arminio

    This is due to yui autocomplete plugin markup code, in fact, yui autocomplete puts a div after the input with position: relative, so any z-indexes you apply will just be ignored, and to use absolute positioning you must rewrite the plugin. So all you can do is adding this css code:

    .form-row.user { overflow: visible; min-height: 25px; height: auto !important; height: 25px; }

    notice that I've used .user class referring to example provided in django autocomplete.

    However if you don't want use this solution you can use jquery version of javascript code which works pretty well in admin interface ;)

  2. Gabe Jackson

    awesome component, I'm getting the same issue using grappelli: the autocomplete suggestions appear "below" the other form elements, i.e aren't visible. Can we expect a fix for this sometime soon? Also, Patrick, I was trying to use the JQuery appraoch, but I couldn't get it working. Isn't it enough to just add js = ('js/jquery.init.js', 'js/jquery.min.js', 'js/jquery_autocomplete.js') to the autocomplete/ ?

    Thanks in advance and have a great week,


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