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Fixed a multiple_database test case that was failing in Oracle due to forced table name capitalization. The test case now matches the style used by the raw_query tests.

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         "test the raw() method across databases"
         dive = Book.objects.using('other').create(title="Dive into Python",
   , 5, 4))
-        val = Book.objects.db_manager("other").raw('SELECT id FROM "multiple_database_book"')
+        val = Book.objects.db_manager("other").raw('SELECT id FROM multiple_database_book')
         self.assertEqual(map(lambda o:, val), [])
-        val = Book.objects.raw('SELECT id FROM "multiple_database_book"').using('other')
+        val = Book.objects.raw('SELECT id FROM multiple_database_book').using('other')
         self.assertEqual(map(lambda o:, val), [])
     def test_select_related(self):
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