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This was created so there could be:

  • A screen that could be seen by the audience
  • A different screen that is what the speaker sees. This could have some more information about the presentation. It actually has the following data:
    • The current page that the audience is viewing
    • The previous page that the audince view
    • The next page of the presentation
    • The time since the presentation started
    • The number of pages of the presentation
    • The current page of the presentation.

This 2 html files will use ajax (jquery) to cominucate between them.

There are two commands:

>>> pypresentations create -i file.rst

This will create the speaker and audience.html files:

>>> pypresentations start_webapp

This will start the webapp that will be used by the html files to comunicate between them. The the urls that should be opened are:

  • localhost:8082/audience.html
  • localhost:8082/speaker.html

Those should be opened on different windows of the browser, and one window should be shown on the audience screen and the other on the notebook.


  • Docutils
  • Pygments
  • bottle
  • jquery
  • normalize

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