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  1. Barrett Baffert

    What modules need to be enabled to set this up? Just UAQS Admin anonymous reviewer workflow and its dependents?

    When I try to add an image via media module (library or upload from my computer), I get the following error message

    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$workbench_moderation in _access_unpublished_check_hashed_link() (line 215 of /var/www/html/profiles/ua_quickstart/modules/contrib/access_unpublished/access_unpublished.module). Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in _access_unpublished_check_hashed_link() (line 215 of /var/www/html/profiles/ua_quickstart/modules/contrib/access_unpublished/access_unpublished.module).

    But i'm still able to save as draft (in this case, an unpublished draft) https://5445db5e-5560-4c72-89df-1599fa927e12--pr-327.probo.build/content/title?review=34rE5P4z3UKlCuX__dXHVIEChsPvcIikpLyf7I-Dyj4&timestamp=1524501896

  2. Joe Parsons

    The node_options_uaqs_flexible_page variable is already exported/managed with Defaultconfig in uaqs_content_chunks. Does exporting it with strongarm in this module cause conflicts with or override what's exported by that module?

  3. Chris Green author

    I have tested uninstalling this module and it’s dependencies, specifically access_unpublished, and the permissions are set back to sensible defaults.

  4. Chris Green author

    I’m thinking we set the variable on install and not track the variable. I’ll test to see if this works for us. Maybe add something to the status page that says whether the variable is set correctly.

      1. Barrett Baffert

        Flexible page publishing options are not configured correctly for anonymous review workflow. This should be configured immediately. Either disable anonymous review workflow or select "Enable moderation of revisions" under the "Publishing Options" tab of the Flexible Page content type configuration.

        I know that's long, but is it helpful @Chris Green

      1. Chris Green author

        @Joe Parsons should we just set the message in watchdog or somehow hide this kind of message from logged out users with css.
        For example, I could add an admin_only class to the message and then use the body class `logged-in` to show the message to logged in users only, but this doesn’t solve for privileged roles.

        1. Chris Green author

          Could also wrap the drupal_set_message function in a permission check

            if (!user_access('administer content types')) {
              drupal_set_message(t('Flexible page publishing options are not configured correctly for anonymous review workflow. This should be <a href="/admin/structure/types/manage/uaqs-flexible-page">@link_text</a> immediately.',
                  '@link_text' => 'configured',
              ), 'warning', $repeat = TRUE);

    1. Joe Parsons

      @Chris Green Sorry I missed all this discussion. After looking at this some more, I think the generic message that gets set by the core system module on the main admin config page (/admin/config) whenever something implementing hook_requirements() generates a REQUIREMENT_ERROR may be sufficient for this (i.e., “One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation. Check the status report for more information.”) and is probably preferable to the extra overhead of implementing hook_page_build() or hook_init().

  5. Joe Parsons

    @Chris Green The other thing I’ve been wondering is if using hook_instal() to configure the node_options_uaqs_flexible_page variable in the uaqs_content_chunks module (instead of Defaultconfig) would allow us to use strongarm in this module without the features issues.

  6. Dana L Hertzberg

    Hopefully this is on track to merge this week. I have a Provost’s Office request for this feature. Please let me know what the timeline is looking like so I can inform them. Thank you!

  7. Joe Parsons

    I tried this on the Probo site:

    • Logged into Probo site
    • Verified Anonymous Review module was not enabled
    • Verified “Published” and “Revision” were enabled for Flexible Page
    • Verified UAQS Content Chunks feature state was “Default”
    • Enabled Anonymous Review module
    • Verified Anonymous Review and UAQS Content Chunks features state were “Default”
    • Verified “Published” was disabled, “Revision” and “moderation” were enabled for Flexible page

    After I enabled the Anonymous review module, I was unable to enable “Published” for Flexible page. Is that expected?

    I was able to enable “Promoted to front page” but that caused the Anonymous Review feature to be “overridden”.

    1. Chris Green author

      “After I enabled the Anonymous review module, I was unable to enable “Published” for Flexible page. Is that expected?”
      Yes, workbench moderation takes over the control of published vs unpublished.

      • Investigate level of effort to add nofollow (etc) to avoid crawler access to hashed URLs