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+Installation instructions
+There are two ways to install this application for use by your
+projects; the easiest in most cases is to do a Subversion checkout
+into a directory that's on your Python path::
+    svn co
+The other method is to download a packaged version and use Python's
+``distutils`` to install it onto your Python path::
+    wget
+    tar zxvf contact_form-0.1.tar.gz
+    cd contact-form-0.1
+    python install
+Depending on your system configuration, you may need to prefix the
+last command with ``sudo`` and supply your password to perform a
+system-wide installation.
 include INSTALL.txt
 include LICENSE.txt
+include README.txt
 recursive-include docs *
+Generic contact forms for Django
+This is an application which provides generic, extensible contact-form
+functionality for use in Django_ projects; for installation
+instructions, see the file ``INSTALL.txt`` in this directory, and for
+documentation see the files in the ``docs/`` directory.
+The latest versions of these documents can always be viewed on the
+Google Code project web site for this application, which is located at
+.. _Django: