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Stub out upgrade guide; references to new features will go in here once proper documentation is written.

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 process (including support for alternate registration systems), read
 through the documentation listed below.
+If you are upgrading from a previous release, please read the
+:ref:`upgrade guide <upgrade>` for information on what's changed.
 .. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1
+   upgrade
+.. _upgrade:
+Upgrade guide
+The 0.8 release of django-registration represents a complete rewrite
+of the previous codebase, and introduces several new features which
+greatly enhance the customizability and extensibility of
+django-registration. Whenever possible, changes were made in ways
+which preserve backwards compatibility with previous releases, but
+some changes to existing installations will still be required in order
+to upgrade to 0.8. This document provides a summary of those changes,
+and of the new features available in the 0.8 release.
+Backwards-incompatible changes
+To upgrade from a previous version of django-registration, you will
+need to make two changes, both to project configuration.
+First, add the setting ``REGISTRATION_BACKEND``, and set it to
+``"registration.backends.default.DefaultBackend"``. This is required
+to support the primary new feature in 0.8 (pluggable backends
+implementing different registration schemes), and will enable a
+backend which provides behavior identical to previous releases of
+Then, if you were using the default ``URLConf`` provided in previous
+versions, you will instead need to use the ``URLConf`` provided by the
+default backend in 0.8, which is located at
+``registration.backends.default.urls``. So, for example, if you
+previously had this in your ``URLConf``::
+    (r'^accounts/', include('registration.urls')),
+you will need to change it to::
+    (r'^accounts/', include('registration.backends.default.urls')),