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#24 Declined
danielsokolowski danielsokolowski
ubernostrum ubernostrum

EMAIL_SUBJECT_PREFIX is now prefixed to the subject of activation email.

  1. Daniel Sokolowski

Useful for various reasons, but could also conflict for other; what are your thoughts?

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Comments (8)

  1. ndarville

    I wouldn’t expect to see this get merged, until you separate your other stylistic changes into a separate merge request. This merge request does more than what it claims to do.

  2. Daniel Sokolowski author

    Hi ndarville, super thanks for taking a look at it, I can re-submit without the auto styling changes - do you have perms to merge it in though as the original pull request was over a year ago with no signs of life from the author.

  3. Stephen Muss

    Stylistic changes aside, I don't think it is safe here to assume that EMAIL_SUBJECT_PREFIX has been specified in settings.

    It seems to me that the following would be a safer bet.

    subject = getattr(settings, 'EMAIL_SUBJECT_PREFIX', '') + render_to_string('registration/activation_email_subject.txt',
  4. Daniel Sokolowski author

    Hello, could a justification be provided as to why this was declined ?

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