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Updated expected versions for unit tests

  1. Mathieu Comandon

Hi, This is an updated version of the version reporting test which is this compatible with the new get_version function introduced in 0.8.

I don't think this is 100% correct since (1,0,0, 'alpha',0) shouldn't return "1.0" but at least the tests pass.

Comments (3)

  1. Mathieu Comandon author

    You shouldn't get that many errors, the only failing test is the one fixed below and it's not an important one. Every other tests should pass as long as you meet every requirement (creating needed templates for example) Also, I sent this patch in a time when I thought it was important to tests every component of a Django project (including Django itself). I've now learned that this is not useful and this behavior will be changed in future versions of the framework.
    Only the components of your application should be tested, so you can either pass your application names to manage.py test or use an alternative testing Framework such as nose (I think that nose rocks and I'm going to include in every new django project I write)