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Use TemplateView instead of direct_to_template

  1. Julian Scott

Use TemplateView since direct_to_template was deprecated.

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Comments (22)

  1. Creative Box

    As has pointed Travis Jensen, the first url should be updated too: [line 30-31] +TemplateView.as_view(template_name='registration/activation_complete.html'),

  2. Rudolf Olah

    Since this pull request won't be merged for a while, you guys might want to check out trapeze/django-registration. I merged in a few 1.5 patches and the class-based view branch (cbv) has a RegistrationView which I've already tried extending to support AJAX (a few method overrides and you got a JSON response yeeeeeah!)

    Kyle Horn zamtools Johan Kock Dylan Verheul Steve Jalim migajek Arun Ravindran Joe Redmon

    I know it isn't the same as submitting to pypi but at least it's more active. you can install a package from the tagged version download link on the download page using pip (I think). I'm going to tag a new release in the next week once the ActivationView is complete. Feel free to submit pull requests.

  3. scytale

    James Bennett you are not being spammed - these are users of your app who are asking you to fix a problem. You have written one of the most widely used Django apps. Someone has kindly provided a compatibility fix - almost 7 months ago. A small note from you to indicate your intentions back then would have avoided all this traffic. Please act with a bit more grace and courtesy.

  4. Dylan Verheul

    Let's remember that we are all free to decide where our time is best invested. You can't look into someone else's life and claim they've been negligent of a piece of software that is free to be forked and adapted by anyone. Every one of us probably has the skills to fork this project, apply the fixes, and publish django-registration2 on PyPI. Yet we choose to wait because it's so much easier to have someone else actually head the project and be responsible. It might be good to think on that before you post anything that is not a polite request.

  5. Mathieu Comandon

    Dylan Verheul, I agree with you but there is also another reason for not forking the project and pushing it on PyPI. Pushing multiple versions of the same project onto a central repository such as PyPI for no good reason can only bring confusion to the users and result in unmaintained forks in the future. django-registration is one of the must used Django package and it would be nice if the project remained in a healthy state (that is, by avoiding unnecessary forks).

  6. Rudolf Olah

    It'd be nice if the project had a clear sentence or two suggesting how to make contributions. It's been a year since the last commit and it's completely understandable to ignore pull requests if that's not the primary way of contributing. If the maintainer doesn't feel like wading through all the pull requests, they should find someone else who can or withdraw and let a fork takeover (linking to the fork in the README would be nice).

    Mathieu Comandon James Bennett Dylan Verheul scytale

  7. James Bennett repo owner

    Mark, the current tip of django-registration, in this very repository, is Django-1.5 compatible. Perhaps you'd like to take a look at that to see why this specific pull request isn't going to be merged?

  8. dbrgn

    Why a different branch?

    You can always install a VCS repository directly using pip: pip install hg+ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/ubernostrum/django-registration#egg=django-registration. I'm pretty sure version 0.9 will be on PyPI soon.