Django template utilities

This is a small library of template tags and other template-related utilities for use with Django; while Django does a great job in general of helping developers avoid repetitive code, there are still a few things which tend to be useful or even needed in many different types of projects, so this application aims to genericize and bundle many of them into one reusable package.

Downloading and installing

The easiest download method is a Subversion checkout; all of the code is maintained in a Subversion repository, and checking the code out from the repository makes it easy to handle updates. To download and install, simply execute this command from a directory that's on your Python path:

svn co

This will create a directory called template_utils, and download the current code into it. From there, you should be able to add template_utils to the INSTALLED_APPS setting of any Django project and have it work. This application provides no models, so you don't need to run syncdb before using it.

Using distutils

Alternatively, you can download a packaged version of the entire application and use Python's distutils to install it:

tar zxvf template_utils-0.4.tar.gz
cd template_utils-0.4
python install

Feature overview

Currently, five main components are bundled into template_utils: